The power and potential of the cloud today and into the future is undeniable. With unprecedented speed, scale and stability, cloud is fundamentally reshaping business and enterprise IT as we know it. Within IT, the traditional lines between developing and operating technology are blurring, especially as large portions of both functions are moving into the cloud. The migration to the cloud must continue at an accelerated pace, and it must be managed so that the result is effective and integrated.



More than any other innovation—with the notable exception of mobile computing—cloud is unlocking opportunities for both new and established businesses that few could have imagined just a few years ago. With all this promise, everyone is focused on building their cloud strategies. Successful organizations will not start with a cloud strategy, but with a business strategy that has cloud at its core.




Be Cloud


Cloud—and the endless technologies and applications that it enables—is without doubt a major force of disruption and innovation. But embracing cloud and the disruption it brings does not require an organization to throw itself into chaos in an effort to transform all at once. Innovative and strategic thinking can help any organization achieve its bold vision—as long as it takes the time to find that vision and commits to moving it forward.