Digital Enterprise

Cloud Driven. Cloud Smart. Cloud Strong.

We live in a time of intense and immense disruption. A person with an idea and an application can upend an established industry. Cryptocurrency has created a parallel global economy. Machines are poised to take on driving, designing, and decision making. Digital transformation is affecting every industry and creating significant change in how we live. The only option to move forward is to find ways to navigate and harness the rapid disruption through the cloud.   


The Great Equalizer

The First Industrial Revolution concentrated power with just a few industry titans. This digital revolution—the Fourth Industrial Revolution—is open to all. Cloud technologies are the great equalizers in today’s business world; they are enabling incredible disruption that is sparking unprecedented opportunities and challenges. When it comes to organizations and the moves they make toward the cloud, size does not matter. Small companies can go big with cloud, and large companies can make waves with a single, cloud-based application.




Rise above the rest

with the cloud

While the cloud started as a means to gain efficiency, the rapid development of game-changing applications and technologies has made it a strategic imperative. Cloud offers speed, scale and stability—three prerequisites to success in the digital age. From legacy systems to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the cloud brings new opportunities to reduce the burden of undifferentiated heavy lifting and enables organizations to focus more on innovation, growth, performance and engagement.


Performance Enhancer

No matter what the business, government service or industry, most organizations are driven by four key imperatives: innovation, growth, performance and engagement. The prioritization of these four may shift to emphasize one or two over the others, but all are essential for sustainable growth today. Each business imperative also can be boosted by the capabilities of cloud. Even organizations that are not ready to be fully digital yet can find ways for cloud to channel disruption and help them stay fresh, forward-looking, effective and relevant.


The rise of technology and digital capabilities is accelerating advancement at a pace we have never seen before. With machine learning and automated intelligence, there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. Individuals and organizations now have direct channels to markets and real-time and robust feedback loops to guide them to success. Of all the tools at an innovator’s disposal, the most powerful one may be the cloud. Cloud’s access to scalable, flexible development environments, with analytics to measure effectiveness, offers the ability to fail fast with limited risk.


Imagine being able to scale from serving one thousand customers to one million customers to 10 million customers within minutes rather than months or years. Cloud makes it possible. Cloud also drives growth by lowering the barriers to innovation and driving up efficiency with machines capable of doing routine work. Cloud technologies offer scale, speed and stability to help organizations scale up quickly to new levels of sustainable growth in a stable environment.


Whatever you think might make your business run more smoothly, cloud can probably do it. Better insights to inform decisions? Cloud delivers with advanced analytics. Faster cycle times on processes and production? The processing power of the cloud helps to fuel the analytics from machine learning and robots. More uptime? Cloud service providers can bring it—with guarantees—by taking on management as well as storage responsibilities, freeing up internal IT to be more strategic. Any organization can perform better by using the cloud and the technologies and applications that reside within it. Boosting performance with the cloud is a matter of aligning business goals with capabilities.


In our always-on, globally-connected, Internet-of-Things world, connections are easy to make, but hard to make meaningful. Consumers and employees alike have more options and less loyalty as relationships give way to transactions in a fast-paced environment. The cloud collects data through myriad sources and turns them into actionable insights for marketers and product developers who are trying to anticipate what the customer wants. The cloud is present in people’s lives, which places a premium on user and customer experiences. As organizations’ leaders seek to develop digital workplaces, they must remain mindful of the human experience as the true driver of value.

The Power

Cloud has something for everyone and is open to all. Taking advantage of the dynamic nature of cloud—both capabilities that exist today and others that we have not yet dreamed of—requires some internal and external discernment.